The Chapin Blueberry Patch

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us, and we hope you will again next year!

Here at the Southern Blues Blueberry Patch, we try to make every experience you have with us a memorable one. It is an experience that the whole family can enjoy. Bring your kids! We have many things for children to enjoy. Ranging from picking blueberries to our playset by the building, there are many activities for kids. We also plan on bringing back our blueberry popsicles next season which has been a favorite among children.


It is not just a fun experience for kids, however. You can bring your mom, dad, sister or brother. Pick as many blueberries as you want, then go home and bake some blueberry muffins. Or even make yourself some jam! The possibilities are endless, and if you don't have the time to pick your own berries, feel free to stop inside to buy some of the best quality berries on the farm that we have pre-picked for you.


At the Southern Blues Blueberry Patch, we try to create memories for you and your family. So stop on by and enjoy some fresh, delicious blueberries!

Come and pick as many blueberries as you can. You can either bring your own bucket or use bags that we provide to you on site. Don't be modest: you can pick as many as you would like!

Here at the Southern Blues Blueberry Patch we also work hard to pick the highest quality blueberries, which we then have available to be bought from inside the building on the farm.

After spending all day picking blueberries, you can cool down inside our air conditioned building with one of our many cool drinks, all the while enjoying your freshly picked berries. 

We currently have Pop-Ice frozen ice treats available in the building. Next season, we plan on bringing back our famous blueberry popsicles as well as other treats so be sure to stop by!

For any questions, please call 803-227-9660

come on out and pick some blueberries!

The Southern Blues Blueberry Patch is great for families.

Come enjoy delicious blueberries and other treats at the Chapin Blueberry Patch.

Frozen treats

Cold drinks

Pre=Picked Berries

pick your own

we are now closed for the season!